Feed Hope Pantry

Feed Hope Pantry is our church’s feeding scheme that is there to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others in our community. We know that the Lord blesses those He loves and one of the ways in which the Lord will do that is through the local church, the earthly hands and feet of Jesus.

So as our way of accomplishing that call we run a Feed Hope Pantry which serves the needs of two areas in our influence. First is to our immediate family and members of Lionsgate Church, in which we run a training and feeding programme to help those in our midst to not only get fed, but empower them with the right spiritual, physical and economical skills and resources to be able to sustain and grow themselves to a point where they can be a blessing to others.

If you are interested in giving or being a part of Feed Hope Pantry in any way, Please Contact the office (031) 903 2196(Venesa) for the structure and details of Feed Hope.